A former political prisoner of the Soviet totalitarian regime Mr. Stepan Horechyi died due to coronavirus

Sharing with you sad news. Yesterday, Mr. Stepan Horechyi, 91 years old public activist, a former political prisoner of the Soviet totalitarian regime, died due to coronavirus.

Mr. Horechyi was a unique person inspiring people around himself.

In his 20 years he was sentenced to 25 years in prison according to the Articles 20, 54-1 “a” (“aiding and abetting OUN”, “treason of Motherland”) of the USSR Criminal Code. He passed through more than 10 labour camps in GULAG due to his political and civil position views.

Participants of the History begins in the Family: Dialogue of Generations project met with him twice: first in-person in summer 2017 during the Lviv youth encounter, and secondly in October 2020 in online.

In our collection we have the life story of Mr. Stepan Horechyi (in Ukrainian, Polish, German and English), and the video recording of the meeting of 2017.

R.I.P. pray

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