Three Fundamental Values Behind a Successful Storytelling

This year, the project team faced a number of challenges which also turned out to be opportunities. We moved from a part...
Liudmyla Levcheniuk

Heinz Goetz

My grandfather was born in 1939 in Delmenhorst. Two years later, his father, a public servant, was transferred to Orlová...
Nadjeschda Stoffers

Teresa Kozyra

Teresa was 10 years old when the war started. She lived with her family in a small village of Sikorzyce in the Tarnów po...
Klaudia Fizia

Insights into working with family narratives

I decided to take part in this project because I am very interested in the culture(s) of remembrance and oral history. I...
Franziska Lamp

Anna H.

Extract from the interview with Anna H. in which she recounts her family history & her memories of the time of the Secon...
Franziska Lamp

Czesława Poprawska

I interviewed my aunt, Czesława Poprawska, born in 1928, who used to live in Kościan (a town in the Greater Poland Voivo...

To be open for new experiences and not to be afraid of chang...

I found out about the project from my high school Polish language teacher. He suggested that I took part in a program or...
Katarzyna Żywko

Zofia Płaszewska

Oscar Wilde once said, "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." I interviewed my gran...
Katarzyna Żywko

Gert Malerius

Gert Malerius grew up in East Prussia, the town of Pillau. Close to the end of World War II, he had to flee with his mot...
Jakov Malerius

The Hope That Helps to Overcome Fear and Get Through Challen...

This project has become an important step in my life. At first, it took me a long time to make up my mind to take part. ...
Alina Tanasova

In memory of Stepan Horechyi

We met by pure serendipity, once I was a team member of the project. Mr. Horechyi amazed me with his fortitude, his lust...
Daryna Petrenko

A former political prisoner of...

Sharing with you sad news. Yesterday, Mr. Stepan Horechyi, 91 years old public activist, a former political prisoner of ...
Liudmyla Levcheniuk

Grażyna Oczkowicz

Grażyna Oczkowicz was born in December 1937 in the village of Rzędowice in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. Grażyna was th...
Aleksandra Oczkowicz

Maria Brunnenkant

When Maria was only a few weeks old, the cruel and inhuman World War II was already raging. Her first years of childhood...
Laura Kuzaj

Hanna Marshalok

I interviewed my grandmother Hanna Marshalok (maiden name: Zemba). She was born on April 12, 1948, in the village of Sta...
Mykhailo Marshalok

Zdzisław Cabaj

I interviewed my father who was born in 1959. In the conversation, dad recalls stories related to World War II that he h...
Sylwia Cabaj

Pylyp Slabyi

I've heard stories about World War II since my childhood. So during the project, I decided to learn more about my ancest...
Kateryna Uzhevska

Elli Treptow

I interviewed my grandmother on October 4, 2020. She was born in 1936 in Grünberg (Zielona Góra), close to Lodz (Poland)...
Marlene Rehbein

Genowefa Ruman

Genowefa Ruman was born in Jastrzębik in 1949. She had eight siblings. Their parents were working hard to provide for th...
Gabriela Kolodziej


In November 2020, I called my great-aunt Ursula and my great-uncle Achim to talk to them about their experiences during ...
Pauline Reinhardt

When the memory of our relatives lives on…

Unfortunately, my family has never been interested in family history before. The project offered me a great opportunity ...
Daria Nesterenko

Oleksii Sydorov

Oleksii Sydorov was born in 1920. Until the beginning of World War II served in the Soviet Army in the Navy since 1938. ...
Daria Nesterenko

Bernd Müller

Bernd grew up in Northern Germany. He speaks about his childhood memories during and after the war, the role that Nation...
Linh Müller

Semen Hеrasymovych

A story of an ordinary man who served as a scout during the Second World War.
Sophia Pivtorack

Kazys Romanas Valys

My grandfather Kazys Romanas Valys was born on May 25th in 1942 in the Raseniai district municipality, Lithuania. His mo...
Roberta Bartkutė

Ivan Zakharov

Ivan Zakharov was born in 1918 in Zorka village, Orel province (Russia). In 1938, he was called up for military service ...
Ivan Hryvko

In defeat we gain...

I’m sharing a story that helped me improve my relationship with my grandfather. This story is about how failure can beco...
Serhii Khvorov

Beyond the Borders: Human Experiences Across Generations and...

In December, participants of the project gathered for the final online session on presenting their family stories. Under...
Liudmyla Levcheniuk

Hałyna Serhijenko

Halyna Serhijenko was born in 1946 in Mariupol, Donetsk oblast. She tells about the events that took place in her family...
Mark Borodai

Yakiv Trusov

This story is about our father, grandfather, and great-grandfather who took part in the most fierce battles of the Germa...
Valentyna Kasian

Raisa Tokarevych

This is the story of a Russian girl who remembers famine and Soviet collective farms and was able to survive by finding ...
Yuliia Gaman

Ivan Holiak

The history of my family reflects life in a totalitarian regime. All that my great grandfather and great-grandmother wen...
Mykhailo Didenko

Zinaida Laskova

Zinaida Laskova was born on August 21, 1926 in the village of Hnylozubivka into a large family. She survived the Holodom...
Alina Tanasova

Halfway Point Reached: How an Online Program Has Become a Pl...

October has become a special month for the participants of the History Begins in the Family project. Over 30 young peopl...
Liudmyla Levcheniuk

Stepan Horechyi

Life story of a political prisoner of the Soviet totalitarian regime, who passed through 10 years of prison labour camps...
Liudmyla Levcheniuk

Inception: Online programme within the project "History begi...

This week was a special time for us: an online program within the project “History Begins in the Family” has been launch...
Hanna Veres

Call for young participants from Ukraine for the internation...

Hanna Veres

History begins in the family: ...

Hanna Veres

Youth encounter in Bergen-Belsen

Oleksa Stasevych

Youth encounter in Bergen-Belsen 18-24 Mar 2018

Oleksa Stasevych

Semion Gelman

Semion Gelman was born on October 15, 1927 in Leningrad. He survived the siege of Leningrad. Worked as a teacher of Hist...
Iryna Simonenko

Zofia Mazur

Zofia Mazur was born on the 24th of November 1936 in Semenivka, 25 km from Lviv. During World War II, like many others, ...
Ola Makowiecka

Vira Paripsa

Vira Paripsa, my grandmother, was born February 1, 1935 in the Rososha village to a family of 11 children. She witnessed...
Olga Solonenko

Sigrid Henning

My grandmother was born on the 15th of February 1945 in Bielefeld. She grew up There and completed an apprenticeship a...
Melina Henning

Rita Althausen

R. Althausen is vice chairwoman of the German-Israeli Society (DIG) and daughter of Oskar Altmann, who is a witness of t...
Philipp Blaich

Oliver Jagolski

I interviewed my father, who was born in 1972 and will talk about his father and grand father as well as his uncle. H...
Natalia Jagolski

Stefaniya Duts

Stefaniya Duts was born on May 22, 1935 in Volya Gorodecka, Lublin region, Poland. She was relocated to Donbas. Later es...
Marko Basarab

Andrzej Iwan

Andrzej Iwan - wartime memories of a child. Andrzej Iwan was born in November 1939. As a child he had a different per...
Wanda Iwan

Christa Maischak

Christa grew up in 1930's in a small village near Breslau, today Wrocław. She and her family was forced to leave their h...
Theresa Maischak

Stanisław Baszowiecki

Stanisław Baszowiekci was born in 26.051940r. in Przemiwółki village, in Lviv voivodship. He had to move from his home t...
Natalia Penar

Stanisław Iwach

Stanisław Iwach was born in 1935, in Tarnopol, within the Eastern Borderlands. He was one of the 7 siblings. In 1944, wh...
Martyna Iwach

Edward Szukiel

Edward Szukiel was born in 1930 in Wozgielance, Wilno region. He has 4 siblings. His father was a blacksmith. He was rai...
Aleksandra Peisert

Oleksandr Salun

Oleksandr Salun (my grandfather) was born on January 20, 1942 in the village of Muravy, Novhorod-Siverskyi region, Chern...
Oleksandra Vorotilova

Programme in Oldau, 18-24.03.2018

Oleksa Stasevych

Anna Fokina (Sherdits)

Anna Fokina (Sherdits), my great grandmother, was born on August 8, 1923 in the village of Krestyshe, Sovetskiy district...
Victoria Oros

Kyrylo Vasylenko

My grandfather, Vasylenko Myhailo, tells us about his father, my great-grandfather, Kyrylo Vasylenko, born 1918. During ...
Vladyslav Kravtsev

Nadiia Loboda

She was born in 1939 on the 16th of January in Novomykolayivka, Zaporizhzhia region,Ukraine. The beginning of the Second...
Anton Samoylenko

My impressions after meetings in Oświęcim and Kyiv

Vladyslav Kravtsev

Youth encounter in Oświęcim 5-11 Nov 2017

Oleksa Stasevych

Programme in Kyiv, 15-17.12.2017

Oleksa Stasevych

Comments on the 2nd encounter in Oświęcim

Marko Basarab

Olena Borzenko

Olena Borzenko was born in the village of Vysokyi, Kharkiv region in 1953. She is the only child in her family. Her pare...
Daryna Petrenko

Auschwitz-Birkenau. Visit of the group to the memorial site

Oleh Ovcharenko

My impressions from the intermediate meeting in Vinnytsia

Vladyslav Kravtsev

A unique quest reveals the history of Lviv during WWII to th...

Liudmyla Levcheniuk

Programme in Oświęcim, 5-11.11.2017

Oleksa Stasevych

Meeting with Stepan Horechyi (2017)

Oleksa Stasevych

Comments on the meeting in Vinnytsia

Daryna Petrenko

Youth meeting in Vinnytsia

Oleksa Stasevych

Volodymyr Poznyar

Volodymyr Poznyar (my grandfather) was born on February 28, 1934 in Chimkent (Southern Kazakhstan). In 1938 (during the ...
Yuliia Bezzubko

Historical quest "Lviv on the map of memory about the Second...

Liudmyla Levcheniuk

Youth encounter in Lviv 3-9 July 2017

Oleksa Stasevych

"History begins in the family..." Polish-German-Ukrainian yo...

Elżbieta Pasternak

Programme in Vinnytsia, 15-17.09.2017

Oleksa Stasevych

Reflections after the first session of the History begins in...

Vladyslav Kravtsev

First Meeting in Lviv: Review

Natalia Jagolski

My reflections after the first session in Lviv

Daryna Petrenko

Feedback about the first session of the History begins in th...

Marko Basarab

Youth encounter in Lviv

Oleksa Stasevych

Meeting with Stepan Horechyi

Oleksa Stasevych

Historical quest in Lviv 2017

Oleksa Stasevych

Post-truth and post-morality: How do we define the impact of...

Oleksa Stasevych


Oleksa Stasevych

Programme in Lviv 3-9.07.2017

Oleksa Stasevych

Günter Knura

Oriana Rath

Meeting with Mrs. Yaroslava Melnychuk

Oleksa Stasevych

History begins in the family. Youth encounter in Lviv

Oleksa Stasevych

Historical quest through the WWII memory places in Lviv

Oleksa Stasevych

History begins in the family. ...

Elżbieta Pasternak

Photos from the encounter in Lviv, 19-25.03.2016

Oleksa Stasevych

History begins in the family. Youth encounter in Oświęcim

Oleksa Stasevych

Yaroslava Melnychuk (Polyuha)

Oleksa Stasevych

Rozalia Graboń

My great-grandfather Józef Graboń was born on 17th July 1913. My great-grandmother Rozalia was born on 8th February 1916...
Jakub Gomółka

Programme in Lviv 19-25.03.2016

Oleksa Stasevych

Stefania Jasińska

Stefania Jasińska (née Kramarczyk) was born on 26th December 1926 in Osiek, Poland. In 1941, she was taken to Germany to...
Aleksandra Płonka

Karl Juesten

Karl Juesten was born in West Germany. After he graduated school with 17 years, he was conscripted to the German army. F...
Philipp Jüsten

Józef Boba

The oldest member of my nearest family, my grandfather Józef Boba, was born on 26th December 1932 in Polanka Wielka. To...
Barbara Boba

Meeting with Mrs. Zofia Posmysz

Oleksa Stasevych

Hans-Jürgen Symanski

Born on June 17, 1937, in Lyck (today’s Poland). Escaped January 1945 from East Prussia to West Germany together with hi...
Helena Pünjer

Krystyna Środa

Krystyna Środa was born in 1940. She has been living in Mętków ever since her childhood. She survived the war as a child...
Grzegorz Rusek

Zofia Listosz

Date of birth: 18th January 1951 Moved to Lublin: 1967 Finished school: 1969 Got married: 30th April 1972 Father's d...
Dominika Pituła

Pavlo Levytskyi

In 1933 Pavlo was born in the small village Stara Ushytsia, which was a big town back then. When he entered the second g...
Yulia Levytska

Barbara Mudyna

Barbara Mudyna was born on 6th January 1937. Parents: Gabriela and Eugeniusz Raszek Children: Anna, Krzysztof and Wojc...
Jakub Kamieniarz

Dariia Zavoiska

Mrs. Dariia Zavoiska was born on June 3, 1950, in the village Verbivka, Perehinske district, Stanislav (today: Ivano-Fra...
Roman Zvarych

Emilia Kowalska

Emilia was the second youngest child in the family. She had three older sisters: Felicja, Stanisława and Krystyna, and o...
Łukasz Kowalski

Oleh Pavlish

Oleh Pavlish was born on June 20, 1971, in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine. He went to school No. 61. After finishing the 8-th gr...
Valeriia Pavlish

Volodymyr Zalevskyi

My grandfather was born in Odesa oblast (region) on July 3, 1971. In 1986 he graduated from school. In 1991 he graduated...
Serhii Zalevskyi

Barbara Wyciszkiewicz

Barbara Wyciszkiewicz was born on 30th November 1946 in Katowice. She lives in Łopuszno with her husband Jerzy. She has ...
Paulina Bożyk

Volodymyr Voitiuk

This interview is about Ivan Nahorniuk, Volodymyr Voitiuk’s grandfather. He was born on the 7th of January 1922 and was ...
Ksenia Voitiuk

Elvira (Vira) Gutsalo

On March 8, 1945 – was born in Germany, 35 miles from Rhine. At the age of three months came back to Kyiv with her mom. ...
Lilia Trubka

Zofia Raj

Mrs. Raj was born on 11th May 1950 in Kęty near Oświęcim. She is the daughter of Stanisława and Józef, but she was raise...
Aga Kawczak

Oświęcim. Important to Stay Together

Oleksa Stasevych

Auschwitz-Birkenau, Memorial and Museum

Oleksa Stasevych

Photos from the encounter in Oświęcim, 23-30.10.2015

Oleksa Stasevych

Lidiya Zubanenko

Lidiya was born on February 12, 1927, in the village Lukshyno, Smolensk region (Russia). In 1935 she went to school. ...
Olia Vasilets

Programme in Oświęcim 23-30.10.2015

Oleksa Stasevych

Zofia Posmysz

Oleksa Stasevych

My dear rose

Olia Vasilets

Photos from the encounter in Oldau, 23-29.08.2015

Oleksa Stasevych

History begins in the Family...

Oleksa Stasevych

The History begins in the family project in figures. Part I

Olia Vasilets

The Bergen-Belsen Memorial

Daniel Tonn

Using recording devices while interviewing

Oleksa Stasevych

Going from the History Books to the Memories of Witnesses an...

Oleksa Stasevych

Programme in Oldau, 23-29.08.2015

Oleksa Stasevych

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