Youth encounter in Lviv 3-9 July 2017

Interviews with participants of the first youth encounter of the History begins in the family project, 3-9 July 2017 in Lviv, Ukraine.

This is our 2nd project in a row implemented together with partners from Poland and Germany.

From July 3 to 9 youth from the three countries was learning about interview methodologies, dialogue and the Ukrainian context of the WWII through personal stories: historical quest around Lviv, screening of a movie about the Crimean Tatars, as well as meeting a former OUN activist, who was imprisoned in the GULAG after the war.

At home participants have to write down memories about the effect of the WWII on their families. Those family studies will be turned into stories and discussed during the next encounters in Oswiecim and Oldau.

Please check out the photo album Lviv Encounter July 3-9…

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