In memory of Stepan Horechyi

We met by pure serendipity, once I was a team member of the project. Mr. Horechyi amazed me with his fortitude, his lust for a better and a happier country. True faith always stands beyond the hardship and we can clearly see it by the example he set for us. I’ve just watched our interview session in 2017 and that’s become history itself. I would like to pay my deepest gratitude to those who made this session possible and who showed us a real-life leader, the one who upheld the paramount human rights at any cost. We know him as a go-getter, trustworthy, enthusiastic, and courageous man. These are his true colors. «You all are young! The war will end and it’s you who are to build our own European country!». He inspired dozens of people on his way showing his strong beliefs, sincere attitudes towards people he met, his desire to fight for Ukrainian values.

Always remembered.



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