In Poland:

International Youth Meeting Centre in Oświęcim/Auschwitz
Elżbieta Pasternak, coordinator in Poland
Tel. +48 33 8432107

Invited expert from Poland:

  • Katarzyna Ciurapińska, German/Polish translation and interpretation

In Germany:

Lower Saxony Memorials Foundation/Bergen-Belsen Memorial
Daniel Tonn, coordinator in Germany
Tel. +49 5051 4759 173

In Ukraine:

Foundations for Freedom INGOUkrainian Action: Healing the Past Programme
Oleh Ovcharenko, Liudmyla Levcheniuk, coordinators in Ukraine
Tel. +380 67 276 8826

Invited experts from Ukraine:

  • Halyna Stasevych, project concept development, development of the concept and organisation of the historical quest in Lviv, support of participants in the work with oral stories, English/German/Polish/Ukrainian translation and interpretation, project coordination in 2015/2016;
  • Taras Martynenko, development of the concept of historical quest;
  • Ihor Derevianyi, preparing historical quest in Lviv;
  • Roman Melnyk, preparing historical quest in Lviv, guided tour in Lviv;
  • Anna Chebotariova, preparing historical quest in Lviv;
  • Olha Shevchuk, photo and videorecording;
  • Marichka Poliuliuk, English/Ukrainian translation and interpretation;
  • Roksolana Perkhach, German/Ukrainian translation and interpretation;
  • Roman Zvarych, volunteer, meeting of participants.