My reflections after the first session in Lviv

Daryna Petrenko

History begins in the family is an international youth project that has revealed not only the truth but was also the reason for me to start my own investigation.

The 4th generation since the Second World War hardly has an opportunity to get to know the stories about the war through the perception of the family, but due to the people who are involved into this project and the aim itself I had a chance to recreate the memories that were in my family and to talk openly about tabu stories connected with the Second World War. Participants from so called hostile countries gathered to talk about the past, to show our tolerance to each other even though we were talking about terrifying things like battles, losses, deaths, victims, hostages and partisans, about those who suffered and those who managed to survive. Time’s changed, that’s why it was important for us to discuss the topic of nowadays acceptance of these countries that were for Nazi regime. Our modern generation don’t have to be shamed or proud because of the past.

Moreover we had a course of filming and many workshops that helped us to get to know each other and to create a peaceful and flourishing atmosphere for our work. The most significant part from this project as for me was a training course of interviewing and what’s more we had a real interview with the witness of the Second World War. Everyone’s developed his/her skills in preparing questions, organizing the inreview, filming and making scripts and what I like the most is that we were doing all these stuff in teams. Yes, it was a great experience. And don’t forget about our life after the work! We had a tricky quest around Lviv,  it was a bit difficult but anyway it was funny. What I value so much is that I found many inspiring and socially active people so that was an unforgettable moment to be among them. 

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