Feedback about the first session of the History begins in the family project

Marko Basarab

Every time you enter different projects you are scrolling through all possible scenarios in your head, tuning yourself only on positive waves. So you can find like-minded people from the very beginning. Cause every project is, first of all, team-work which through thorny way will lead you to the result.

It’s nearly impossible to win in rowing, being on one boat, but paddling asynchronously, in different directions. You all need to understand where and how you are going.

One of the words in the topic of our project is “family”. I guess you all will agree with me, after all the days spent on the project it becomes a synonym to another important word – “team”.

It’s hard to imagine that three nations with such unsimilar traditions and life-stories will agree on everything on the first attempt. Having no conflicts, misunderstandings we became a family, not knowing names of each other.

It also should be mentioned that this project is pretty delicate. You need to tell not only your personal thoughts, but stories of your relatives, which can be not as positive as we want them to be. At this point, the ease we reached on the first day comes to help us along with the complete understanding of the projects aim.

Surely, all the passed way for the time of the project taught us a lot. Coincidences sometimes were shocking. They made us look on our family stories from the different edge.
It’s hard to say something about our productivity based on what i wrote, but i will say honestly: we worked on an enormous amount of material, learned how to set up a structured interview and analyze it after. But personally i think that the most important is that everybody were listening and everyone was heard.

I want to end with my personal observation: after every project you have an aftertaste: sometimes it’s tart as you haven’t said something and you will not have a chance to do that again. This time, going home you only have pleasure, ecstasy and delight, understanding of the projects aim and the thirst of new.

Group of the History begins in the family project participants in 2017-2018

 Group of the History begins in the family project participants in 2017-2018[/caption]

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