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Lidiya was born in 1927 in the village Lukshyno, Smolensk region (Russia). She witnessed war since 1942. In 1966 Lidiya moved together with her family to the village Pishchanka, Dnipropetrovsk region....

Occasionally there are some special evenings, when your granny wants to have just a small talk with you, which turns out to last the whole evening. Then...

Early in the morning of 28 August, huge final hugs were given in Oldau before the bus set out from Germany, heading for Poland and Ukraine. This was the...

International Youth Meeting Centre in Oświęcim/Auschwitz

Elzhbieta Pasternak, coordinator in Poland

Lower Saxony Memorials Foundation/Bergen-Belsen Memorial

Daniel Tonn, coordinator in Germany

Foundations for Freedom INGO

Oleh Ovcharenko, Liudmyla Levcheniuk, coordinators in Ukraine

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